EXFO - AXS-110

EXFO - AXS-110

Micro-OTDR for LAN/WAN Networks

  • Event dead zone as low as 0.8 m, for easy location and characterization of all events
  • Wavelengths: 1310/1490/1550/1625/850/1300 nm
  • Multiple options, including power meter, visual fault locator (VFL), fiber inspection probe, printer and IP testing
  • Fault Finder mode, for quick identification/location of fiber breaks
  • Smart software option providing pass/fail status at all wavelengths, as well as span loss, ORL, fiber length and macrobend locations in a single window
  • FastTrace function: one-touch testing for top user-friendliness
  • 8-hour power autonomy
  • USB port (memory-stick compatible) for easy data transfer
  • Large internal memory (up to 500 results)
  • Transflective color display for viewing clear results under bright sunlight
  • Superior automated analysis for a better, easier and faster diagnosis

Item code: 140349

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Micro-OTDR for LAN/WAN Networks

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